Business Incubation

Would you like to join our “incubation” program? We offer both in-house as well as virtual incubation.

Our mission is to provide a vibrant supportive environment for tenant companies allowing them the freedom to concentrate on their core business development.

Whether it’s technology, marketing, finance, legal or HR, we are here to support your company. We don’t run a traditional incubation program. We won’t require you to attend seminars and courses. Often, those are a waste of time. We will however show you what tools great startups use. We will show you what mistakes they made and how you might avoid making them. We will expect you to perform at your best. We expect you to have a relentless sense of urgency.

We provide startups we accept into our programme with physical working space, access to tailored mentorship, business and scientific expertise and access to market leads.

In addition, startups accepted into our  programme also stand to benefit from hands-on services from corporate partners — these include cloud and IT services as well as access to an engineering and software talent for prototyping and testing — and supporting with fundraising including pitching and structuring of deals.

Being here with all the other fast growing tenant companies is incubation in itself. We’re here to help each other and our success depends on your success.

Our vast network and breadth of knowledge stems from our involvement in the global startup ecosystem since its early days.

Besides being mentors ourselves, we have a long list of mentors who we can connect you to and who stand ready to advise you with regard to your business.

If you’d like to learn more, book a meeting with one of our team members here


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