Books for NLG

A couple of years ago we were kindly asked to propose around 500 books on Entrepreneurship and Business that would be purchased and added to the new National Library of Greece’s collection. Selecting 500 (or so) books was quite a large challenge so we decided to crowdsource the selection. We quickly put up a website where, you, our friends, could propose a book by inputting an ISBN of a book you thought would be good to add and then we would filter the final list and propose to NLG. The books have since been purchased and I’ve had quite a bit of feedback that friends haven’t been able to find the books in the large collection. I’m told that the books have been catalogued using the Dewey Decimal System and that might be a little hard for someone to find a book (case in point: Cialdini’s “Persuasion” in our eyes is a behavioural economics book but in a librarian’s eyes, it’s more like a psychology book.) You can see a Google Sheet of the list here and we would also suggest you register on the NLG membership site too!


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